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                                                       GODS' MUST BE CRAZY!!!!

Nikita was one among them. After the rescue operation by the state Anti-trafficking unit, All the kids were given asylum at a Government Home for the needy. But, Nikita still has not got out of her state of panic. She badly wanted the drug. She was only all of 14, But, she cant live without the drug. That’s how the begging racket functioned. The child traffickers kidnap children, force them into drugs and use for begging and other purposes.
  • The drug was still a part of her system. She could hear voices now. Nikita was in her mother’s womb.
Ashish! Would you please listen to me for a moment? Sonia was screaming..
What’s it now?? Ashish shrugged his shoulders.
I am pregnant.she replied.
So what? Should I inform the BBC? Ashish was not ready to listen..
It’s not funny Ashish. I am pregnant and I am going to have the baby. We must get married as soon as possible. Enough of this Living Together crap.
What?? Marriage?? Are you out of your fucking minds? Grow up babe!!! You are not some village belle. You know the world. We studied in the states, for gods sake. Just get that thing aborted, Don’t piss me off now!!! Said Ashish and lit up a smoke.
What? Abort? Fuck you, Ashish!! You are a jerk! I wish I never slept with such a coward ass like you. Sonia snapped, disgusted.
Mind your words, Bitch!! Now, why are you creating an unnecessary scene? Its just that , we are not ready to have a baby at the moment. Ashish tried to defend
Oh Grow up!!! “Mr.I-Know-Only-To-Fuck but “ I-Cant- Father- a- Child”….you know what,God hasn’t given you men balls only to have fun…its also to stand up and face responsibilities. If I were your Mom and I were to know that you would grow into such a Lousy Bastard that you are now…I would’nt ve had second thoughts about aborting you. Sonia was shouting at Ashish with tears in her eyes.
Huh!!whatever!! That’s it lady!! I cant take anymore of your drama shit. Feel free to walk out!! Ashish blurted.
  • Nikita was proud of her mom. She acted bravely and walked out of her father. She was happy that Sonia, her mother wont abandon her unlike her father, and bring her into this world. But, The happiness was only short-lived .Nikita could hear voices again. Two old people were now shouting at her mom. Nikita wanted to say, Don’t cry mom!! I would take care of you!!!
Where did you come? You walked out on us!! If you may rewind your memory, sonia’s dad was shouting.
Abhi bhi dher nahi hua beti…tere phet me hai na, who bachae ko kala dhenge..Aur there ko hum doosra shaadi karke rakh dhu, Sonia’s mom was saying( Even now, its not late girl, get an abortion done..we will get you married with someother guy)
Mom!!what are you talking? Its my baby …I cant do that.
Bete!! Yeh Amreeka nahi haiyou cant sleep with whomever you want, have a baby and expect us to let you in. Yeh Bharath hai!!Here we have to live for our society too..Either abandon that child or leave uswe’ve already had enough. Sonia’s father was fuming now.
  • With no one left by her side, Sonia was stranded. She managed to get herself into a working women’s hostel. Even there, she was seen as some alien creature from a distant planet.(The added packages of being a ‘single’ mom..) On the day of her delivery, Sonia was on her own with only a colleague from office , to accompany her to the hospital.
After hours of struggle, Sonia was blessed with a girl child . Maybe, the spirit that governs us all is such a lousy creature ; He wanted the just born to have a tough life. He demanded her mother meet him at heaven( or hell, or whatever crap that is!!). Nikita became God’s own child..The hospital authorities din’t want any extra burden and disposed the child off at an orphanage.
Nikita grew up till she was 9 years old at the orphanage, until she was sold into the child trafficking market. Child trafficking is a huge racket in many parts of india , especially in high end cities like Mumbai, B’lore and Chennai..
Nikita, now all alone in the Govt.home she was stationed at, after being rescued , looked at all the other kids around her. There were kids as young as 3 years old. Each of the 100 odd children out there would have a similar or different dark story behind their becoming of a disaster they are now, like Nikita. Even worse, some are even sold to the bastards by their own parents. Those children never wanted to go home. How many Ashishs’ would have walked out like an invertebrate after their “sins of pleasure”? How many sonias’ would have faced the dilemma that her own mother had faced?? As if like a reflex, drops of tears rolled down Nikita’s eyes. That day, she took a pledge….
. ------- 10 YEARS LATER-------
  • " . . . ..........“We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind” Nikita finished her speech in front of a standing ovation from the audience. Nikita is one of the living examples of child abuse . After the initial years of horror; Rehabilitation and support from the Government and NGO’S has made her what she is today. She works at an NGO that helps in rescuing children from child trafficking and rehabilitates them.
On her way to the Airport, one of the reporters asked her as to what would she like to say to those men and women who walk out of responsibilities like her parents did. Nikita said:
“Guys and Girls!! If you aint that matured to take responsibilities for your actions..Please, rather don’t act. The world is a small place. It can't hold more nikitas ….and there aint more souls to help us either…She smiled and went .
  • P.S. MY PERSONAL REQUEST: I Know that my writing of this article is not going to help prevent child trafficking or the nikitas that are born everyday due to the sexual pleasures of some faggots…But, I just want to end my note with a personal request..GIRLS, If you are so fucking desperate, Use a DILDO and GUYS, you are better off with your own HANDS!!!

                                                                                                                                                By Srikkanth Dhasarathy Rajendran



by Srikkanth Dhasarathy Rajendran on Thursday, 29 December 2011 at 17:16
                           The youth see a door where others might see a wall
                                                                                                                           -MARK ZUCKERBERG
 “ SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK” IT’S FREE……….Read the screen on Avantika’s PC monitor.
                          Avantika was already in a hurry. She was reciting the points she had memorized the earlier night on the topic given to her by her teacher. “RESERVATIONS IN INDIA
                          So, she left the ‘FACEBOOK’ thing to be taken care of in the evening. Afterall, it was considered uncool if you still had not signed up on facebook.
                         Avantika reached school on time. Once again, she went through her notes and proceeded to the class feeling confident. Even though, Avantika was a bright student, she was nervous. Had it been to vomit complex Chemical structures, Mathematical equations , Laws in physics, it would have been child’s play for the traditionally taught ‘south Indian school kid’. But, here, she was obliged to have an opinion of her own, which was considered ‘dangerous territory to trudge’among students and teachers alike of the Indian Educational System.
                         Aishwarya, Anamika, Anusha and then Avantika was next. She cursed her parents for naming her with the first letter of the English Alphabet. Her turn came eventually, she adjusted her glasses, shoved the hair on her forehead, went and stood in front of her class.
                         Avantika gave the usual welcome note addressing all the students, the teacher, the blackboard, desks, wall, notebooks etc…….
                        [ Podhum di! UN la kuda ivlo periya welcome note kudukka maatanga, matter ku vaa!!!, murmured a ‘group of boys’..The teacher’s stare made them silent.
                        I am here to speak about the ill-effects of RESERVATIONS in our country, started Avantika.
                        Reservation compromises merit and quality. How would you like an Incompetent Doctor who got through a quota operating on you? Would any of you like that? How embarrassing it would be if we produce Poorly Qualified Engineers from our Premier Institutions like IIT? Avantika gave a convincing look as if expecting an answer..
                       “Al……. As Avantika began to start her next point, a voice interrupted her. It was her teacher’s.
                       Avantika, "‘Reservations only get the person/s in case a place in the institution . Reservations are not responsible if the Doctor who passes out turns out to be Incompetent". That means the MEDICAL EDUCATION SYSTEM is flawed. I don’t think anybody would ask a Doctor if he/she got through a quota before being operated. Going by your point, I think the Medical Council of India should have a serious look into this, if what you said is true, said the teacher sarcastically with a smile….
                       The class clapped in resonance. Either the teacher made a valid point or more students loved Avantika getting embarrassed.
                       Avantika started again,”Also, Reservations  are only due to the vested interests of the politicians of India who wanted to use it for their Vote-bank politics. Come on guys!! This is the 21st century. All are equal. We, youth should not allow this narrow-minded thinking of our ancestors to influence us…”
                       Avantika, “Do you have any idea about the ‘Ancient History of India’? The class divisions in the earlier Indian society, Any vague ideas?
                       No ma’am!!! blurted avantika…
                       Ok, let me put it to the class in a simple way. Take this classroom for instance, I divide it into four groups. You belong to the group of people which do not enjoy the right to get educatedaccording to the land of the lawcertainly not created by GOD, but by another set of peoplewho considered themselves pure. Say, this exists for centuries together, where do you see thesocio-economic status of your forthcoming generations to be?certainly, not in a position to be proud of, The Teacher answered her own question and continued,
                    And that’s why reservations have come in the first place..Avantika. That too, as we all know, 75% of the Indian population lives in VILLAGES. And the caste system still plays a major role in most of the Indian villages; Most of the youths don’t even have access to Primary Education. Those who are lucky enough to get through high school don’t even have an idea about the premier institutions like IIT’S IIM’S , AIIMS etc….while on the other hand you people start taking classes from 9th grade itself. Most of them are first generation/ second generation students as far as higher education is concerned. I can understand the agitation of the city bred youth, when their hardwork gets runover by Quota, But, “we can say that we are just having the taste of our own medicine” quipped the Teacher.
                     Again the class went in an uproar, this time Avantika too joined in unison. She was cursing the teacher in her mind. She forgot all her points and was desperate for the class to end as she wanted no more awkward moments. As if God heared her prayers, The bell rang. The teacher left and Avantika sat through the rest of the classes for the day, silently.
                      She returned home, tired, physically and mentally. She refreshed , sat in front of her computer, opened the tab.”SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK”. She filled up the necessary details, uploaded a picture of Kristen Stewart as her Profile picture( UNIVERSAL LAW# 109 ) and sent a friend request to her ‘Teacher’ along with requests to her classmates.
                        The ‘Teacher’ , after finishing all her motherly chores, signed into facebook and checked the messages from her classmates, now in different parts of the world. Had a few chats with colleagues and just when she was about to sign off saw the ‘Friend request’ . It  was from Avantika.
                         She smiled and thought avantika’s words, “21st century-equality-narrow-minded thinking of our ancestors” ‘ YOUTH FOR EQUALITY’ it seems, so much for the outcry of castes in the country , and accepted  her friend request.
                      “Shyamala Suresh” and “Avantika ‘IYENGAR’ are now friends.
                      How broad-minded? If youth like Avantika, taught in posh schools, mature enough to use social-networking sites use their CASTE/COMMUNITY names as surnames. How do we expect the Rural students , to whom our part of the world and our lifestyle are Alien, to have lateral thinking?
                   This is such a ‘hypocritical world’ she said to herself and went to bed.
P.S ---> Personal touch:   After years of Education, I’ve learnt that , For some ‘Ignited minds’their Dad’s name is not something proud to carry on or maybe they consider it ugly, so much that they would rather use some caste/community name as their surnames.
                  I appeal to the youth of my generation, Please don’t do the same mistake which our ancestors did. You are just taking it to the next level, knowingly or unknowingly Its Hypocritical if you dont want caste based reservations but would want the caste.
                 The little biology we have learnt has taught us that all us homo-sapiens are made of cells, blood and stuff; the only difference being the "external packages and expiry dates".
                  If I dint make any sense to you, I am hereby happy to say that you just beat my“VACCUM CLEANER” . It stopped sucking long ago.
                        After all, there is a lot of difference between 'HUMAN BEING' and 'BEING' HUMAN!!!!


                                    THE ACCIDENT OF MORALS


                  by Srikkanth Dhasarathy Rajendran

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” - Dale carneige

                            "SMOKING KILLS”, 'Smokers Die Younger'- What an Epic Fail? thought Dr.Ananth Narayan,Psychiatrist, flipping the pack of "MARLBORO" on his desk. Inspite of these warnings, People, however would smoke their Lungs out. The Day I figure this out-I would have made a revolution in the field of psychiatry, He told himself and lit up his stick.
                 As Dr.Ananth was busy making his miniscule contribution to Global Warming, smoking; The Phone rang. Mrs. Ananth was at the other end.
                 “Yeah! Okay! Fine! Right ! sure!”….A string of monosyllabic words was all that the Doctor could manage. Soon, he realized his mistake. The day he figures out, “How to satisfy a Woman?”- Dr. Ananth Narayan would find his place in the record books as the “GOD OF PSYCHIATRY”. He finished his smoke.
                The Phone rang again. This time, it was Inspector Datta. A Subject was being sent to the Doctor’s Clinic. The Doctor has to examine him and certify if he is mentally stable. The case history has been sent to the Doctor through Fax. The Doctor gave out a sigh; Another Psychotic to start the day with!
                *Door Opens*. A sober- looking average built young man was accompanied by two constables. The Doctor signaled the constables to make the “subject” sit opposite to him. They obliged and left the room to wait outside until the Doctor gets done with his observations.
                The Doctor looked at the “subject”. The young man looked older than his age. The Doctor took some time studying all his features. Medium-built, Unshaven, shabby looks. But, His eyes were not filled with hatred. On the other hand, His eyes expressed relief. The eyes of a satisfied and a contented Human- a Rare sight. The Doctor seemed confused.
               “I-am-not-a Psycho”, The subject blurted in a hushy tone.
               Ah-Perfect! That’s what everyone who comes to me says. Sometimes, I get a feeling that I am the one who requires counseling. Perfectly Normal son!! Now, If you don’t mind, would you bother sharing your problems with me? The Doctor started..
                With the Case history in his hand, The Doctor went near the Subject,' I am informed that you are accused of setting Black BMW’S on fire, 18 in total'. And, the last BMW, you set ablaze constituted a human victim.
                Jeez!! The Doctor’s face went awry. He regained his composure soon and said, “Thank God! I drive a Toyota” with a chuckle, trying to be humorous .
               The Subject gave no reaction. His face was stern. The Doctor realised his humor did’nt work out.
               Son! I am trying to help you here. I would like you to co-operate with me, The Doctor pleaded. The subject’s reaction was Nil. The Doctor got furious, He lit up another cigarette.
              Slowly, With utmost care, The patient took out a note from the inside of his shirt pocket. A Newspaper cutting. It was dated three months back.
              The Doctor started to get an Idea of what he was dealing with
12th OCTOBER, 2011:
                              It was Quarter past 6 in the evening. Twilight had just set in. Delhi looked stunningly beautiful. Shwetha was on her apartment terrace when her Phone beeped. A text from Samir. It read: “ Party ton8 @ The Muffins, ll pick ya up by 7. Dress up Bum!”.
                              Samir was on time. Shwetha got herself into his brand new Black BMW 750li. Samir’s Dad is an Industrialist. A hot-shot. That entitled Samir to splurge in a number of luxuries. Among them,  the BMW 7 series was the latest addition.
                               Linkin Park and Pink Floyd helped in creating a Concert-like ambience inside the Car. They reached the Pub after an hour-and-a-half long drive, thanks to the Traffic of Delhi.
                               You know shweta, “ There is a similarity between  Rock concerts and Disco Nights like this. The crowd at both the places have no idea of what they are upto. Completely lost. People shake their heads at everything metal. While, The former place requires sober and doped looks, Its all about Trendy wears and designer outfits here. Most of the crowd don’t give a shit about the music that’s being played. Am amazed all those DJ asses get paid a fortune. Most of them come to get drunk; the rest, to get laid, if lucky.” Funny, ain’t it!! Samir gave a questioning look.!
                              “Save your Gyaan ! Bum, You ve’nt even started drinking yet!” shweta snapped back with a quirky smile.
                              It was 15 minutes before the start of the next day, when Samir and Shweta left the Pub. Both were on a high after more-than-enough rounds of Tequila. This was not the first time, Samir indulged in driving under the influence of alcohol. But, that night, it was a different story altogether. The Alcohol consumed made his Central Nervous System dance to its tunes.
                          In a sudden turn of events, Samir lost control of his BMW and rammed into a sidewalk.
                         The Doctor was reading the Newspaper cutting in his hand, “CAR RAMS INTO SIDEWALK; 4 KILLED; 1 INJURED”
                        ‘That was my family’ The patient spoke for the first time.  Dead, All of Them. My younger sister,A child,all but 8 years old. The patient was now high on emotions.
                         Son, I could understand your plight. The Doctor started in a consoling tone. But, The Police are there ; Laws prevail. Burning Random cars is not going to bring your family back.
                         “Ha ha ha…..The patient gave out a hearty laugh. Police! Huh!  And grabbed the armrests of his chair with fury.
                         ‘What do you think,Doctor?” These Policemen caught me. I surrendered myself Doctor. I went to the Inspector and told him that I was the one setting those cars on fire. They were not ready to believe. I set one of their vehicles on fire. Now, I am here!! They think I am mentally sick, Doctor!! Ha..ha…ha…His laugh was now frightening.
                        “You know, Doctor! The Guy, who killed my family, was roaming scot-free. The Police records claimed that ‘The BMW that killed my family that night was stolen a week back’ and the owner was not arrested. An 'Unknown driver' was made responsible for my family's death. Your Laws were twisted to help the Rich.....Doctor!!  
                        I went and appealed for Justice, Doctor!! I was beaten up and thrown out. No one bothered . The Police, The Law. The Newspapers carried a lie. It was just another news in a corner , People would be least bothered about. I was fumed.
                      I tracked down BMW’S that I see and set them on fire at night, when no one notices. All of a sudden, I became News. Newspapers, Television channels; All were so concerned about the burnt BMW’S. I learnt that even special teams were formed to nab me. All, because, I set on fire some Cars. Such a cruel world !..A BMW has more value than human lives.
                      But, What about my family? No one bothered, because we were poor. Justice has never been  the luxury of the poor. I decided to put an end to this. One day, I came across that ‘bastard’ who was responsible for killing my family.
“And I…………a long silence followed.” The Doctor understood.
                    “I’ve had my revenge, Doctor! I don’t know, if I am right or wrong. But, I am satisfied. I can die peacefully now. Your Law can now sentence me to death. I have nothing to live for. The patient was crying now, unable to control his emotions.
                     Another 5 minutes of prolonged silence followed. The Doctor pressed the bell. The constables arrived and took the patient with them.
                     “ The Report will be faxed to the Inspector” ! The Doctor told one of the constables.

The Doctor smoked a marathon of cigarettes before he started to prepare his report.
                                                                                                                   -Dr. Ananth Narayan.

              The Doctor gave out a sigh!! What he did was completely unethical, according to his profession. It was against his morals. But, the turn of events that day made the Doctor’s Human emotions to take forefront. He was not bothered whether he was Right or Wrong. He was satisfied by his own Act. He saw himself in the mirror. His eyes reflected his emotions. That of a content man- a Rare sight ;  The Second time that day.

   P.S....You and I are not God.That relieves us of the luxury of deciding what is right or wrong. Every Person has his/her own set of Moral/Ethical values and most of them,on their journey of life have to compromise them,at one point or the other.I dont want to defend the acts of the Patient or the Doctor. All i wanted to say, was already quoted by Oscar Wilde-
                             "THE WORLD IS A STAGE; BUT, THE PLAY IS BADLY CAST"

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My first blog and its about me ,
My mom says i am cutest  child in the world as everyone knows the famous tamil saying "kaakaiku than kunju pon kunju". I was born on the coolest month in a year and none 'll be sad on my date of birth its because i was born on 1 DEC so everyone will have their salary.Similar to all boys i too had many friends and even more dreams but all became busssssssssssss . My friends are my world they gave me a new world. especially my schoolmates right from my school age they were with me and they are with me even now.........................................and so on hope to be with me life long ............................................. 
I feel to have friendship with girls but none liked me :( because this poor boy was poor in studies ,poor in sports , poor in finance too :(..............failed in my school days but at last some how  completed my SSC and HSC and got  B.E admission. right now completed my graduation and working in wipro .
my hobbies to play cricket  and photography.
oooooooooooooo!!!!!! maga matamana blog but its my first try :)
will come with better one's soon